Guadalupe Nettel: biography

Scorri per la versione italiana Guadalupe Nettel, born in Mexico City in 1973, grew up between Mexico and France. She is the author of the novels El huésped (2006), The Body Where I was Born (Seven Stories Press, 2015), and After the Winter (Coffee House Press, 2018), for which she was awarded the Herralde Novel … Leggi tutto Guadalupe Nettel: biography

The dystopic Venice of Albert Ostermaier

(Scorrere per la versione italiana) A dystopic world where Venice is the last safe place in Italy and a referendum to decide whether to blow up the Ponte della Libertà and to stop the current of refugees coming to Venice from across the country. This is the initial setting of the play directed by the … Leggi tutto The dystopic Venice of Albert Ostermaier