Immagine waterlinesWATERLINES is a project of the International College of Ca’ Foscari University, of Venice Foundation and San Servolo Metropolitan Services of Venice. It stems from the desire to share and to relate past experiences of residence acquired by the three institutions above-mentioned, with the aim of creating a new program which combines writing with other artistic disciplines and of reaffirming the role of Venice as a place of artistic and cultural production.

The goal of the program is to offer, on special invitation, an experience of residency in Venice that will last about four weeks to an internationally renowned writer but also to a less celebrated artist who is not necessarily committed in the same field of artistic expression: this is arranged in order to stimulate interactions, contaminations and the creation of possible joint projects.

The artist in residence is required to make their personal experience available at public meetings of international scope, sharing with the City moments of reflection and deepening around their work, its culture and its country of origin. They will also work in contact with the students of the International College Ca’ Foscari participating in opportunities for discussion and debate at the teaching spaces in the island of San Servolo. The artist, through their unique form of expression (an essay, a short story, a poem, a diary or other forms of art), will testity to its Venetian residential experience. They will also have the possibility to interact with local artists and writers, exchanging experiences and developing collaborations.


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